Nancy Manchec
Nancy M.
14:38 16 Nov 19
I am forced to use this company because I am still under builder warranty. This is the third time my new unit has stopped working in approximately 8 months. I live in the Raleigh area. This is what happens when I call. I get a message saying the Raleigh location is closed at this time because it is after hours. I am told to call Charlotte. I am told an on-call tech will call me back in 45 min. I call back after an hour. I get a rep in Indianapolis. They tell me I am out of the Charlotte area and that’s why I didn’t get a call back. I’m told there actually is NO Raleigh office and a manager will call me. I wait hours and keep calling various numbers until this “manager” calls me back. THIS HAPPENS EVERY TIME.The first time, after hours of calling, they sent a tech who arrived when he said he would and after two trips, he fixed the system that was installed incorrectly. The second time I gave up calling, reset the system myself and it started working. This time I am still waiting for the manager to call. This is an unacceptable standard operating procedure!
T Rummel
T R.
06:57 21 Feb 19
Airtron is the subcontractor for Ryan homes in the Raleigh area. They install and provide warranty service for HVAC systems installed in new Ryan homes.Over a month ago our heater's outside unit froze up during freezing weather. They stated it needed a new part and they would order it and contact us to install it when it arrived. No call, email, text or even a post it left on our door. We called more than once and our Ryan rep states they contacted them more than once. After weeks of waiting and wondering we were told that they had already completed the work and "fixed" the unit by installing the new part. Problem was, no one ever came to our home and installed anything that we are aware of and no one tried to contact us to do this work. But we were left with, well to bad for you. We say we did it and have no proof we did it but you just have to accept it.Now here we are 2 weeks after that final conversation and assurances that they had 'fixed" our unit; it is freezing again and (wait for it, I bet you wont be surprised) the unit has frozen up again! So we do what our warranty requires - we call the Airtron Raleigh office. Their after hours emergency fix is to call the Charlotte office for emergency dispatch. Ok, this is the way it worked last time so we call that office. They say they will have the on call tech call us within 45 minutes. After 45 minutes we call back - no one has bothered to try to contact us in that time. The CS tells me the on call tech called THEM back, not us, and told them that we are in the Raleigh office area and not their problem so we need to contact the Raleigh office when it opens tomorrow - that is they don't care that its freezing weather tonight and we are without a working heating system; its not their problem.Can you find a company with worse CS than this one? But I guess they don't have to care as they have a contract with Ryan homes.
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